Laverée US Launch

Laverée’s SoHo pop-up produced by Jane Smith Agency

In the spring of 2022, Laverée was looking to break into the US market with their line of luxury laundry products. Along with Jane Smith Agency, they were planning a pop-up shop in the chicest neighborhood in the country — New York City’s SoHo.

Puppy Love was brought in to create a visualization that showed visitors the deep care that Laverée puts into their sustainable products. We built a 16 foot long LED screen in the space to display a custom animation conveying the scents of Laverée’s collection and an artful CGI interpretation of the movement of water inside of a washing machine.

Paired with our custom sound design, the screen immersed visitors in a world where nature lives in harmony with home and personal care.

The experience was witnessed and shared by thousands, and Jane Smith’s three-month build helped garner 25K additional brand followers on Instagram through the surreal, city pop-up.

Check out the final render here.



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