DoorDash x Marvel at NYCC 2022

Puppy Love Agency
2 min readOct 18, 2022


DoorDash and Marvel have teamed up on a new comic book that turns four ordinary DoorDash delivery people into superheroes. The comic series called “The Dashers” likens the work of DoorDash’s delivery people to acts of everyday heroism.

To kick off the campaign, DoorDash hosted an activation at New York Comic Con which invites attendees to participate in different challenges and activities in order to become a superhero “Dasher” themselves.

The team handling the buildout, THA EXP, brought Puppy Love in to build an immersive, superhero body scan where visitors could view a live feed of the 3D and have results emailed to them in the form of a sharable mp4.

We built the experience in TouchDesigner and combined sound design, vibrating haptics and a volumetric sensor which culminated in a Marvel-inspired lab scan.

Puppy Love teamed up with The Bosco to capture a photo at the end of the experience which was processed into a dynamic, animated output that visitors were able to share after the experience.

We’re proud to say that our scanner turned over 1,000 Comic Con goers into superheroes, and the sharable reached over 100,000 people across social channels.

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