Amazon’s Just Walk Out, All Within an App

Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon is in the process of rolling out a new technology that is going to change how we shop. It’s called “Just Walk Out” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The idea is: You scan your credit card on the way into a store like Whole Foods, then you just start putting things in your basket. If you decide you didn’t want something? No worries — just put it back on the shelf. When you’re finished, you just walk out of the store and you’ll be charged for exactly what you have in your bag.

The technology is extremely robust, with hundreds of sensors and endless data running in the backend. So they needed a simple way to showcase this technology on their 2022 B2B conference tour.

Application developed by Puppy Love to simulate Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology

They partnered with NCompass International on the full build out, and Puppy Love was brought in to develop an augmented reality application that uses image recognizing technology to know when a product has been lifted off of a shelf, or placed back onto the shelf. Our team was able to replicate the Just Walk Out experience through this tablet interface, displaying just how incredible Amazon’s new technology really is.



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